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Ficlet: The Yule Elf (Tolkien)

Title: The Yule Elf
Author: Alexcat
Type: Gen
Rating: G
Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I profit from the use of these characters.
Warnings: None
Beta: None
Characters: Cirdan
Archive: Ao3, OEAM
Author’s Note: Written at CC’s request for my 31 days of December posts.
Spoilers: No
Summary: Santa was not the first one…



The old elf sat by the fire. Nights in the Havens got cold. His home was not enchanted in the same way Lothlorien was, but it was enchanted, nevertheless. He drank his tea slowly and looked out over the sparkling sea.

It was about time. He rose from his chair and went out to the barn. He harnessed four fine Meara and hooked them to his mithril sled. He drove it out onto the snow. Very few people of any kind had seen the Yule elf’s sled. It was already loaded with bags and packages of all sorts.

He hopped up into the sled and touched the reins to the horses’ necks. With a mighty leap, they were airborne. They lingered for a moment over Cirdan’s home and then they were gone.