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Drabble: Jason's Gift (Babylon 5)

Title: Jason’s Gift
Fandom: Babylon 5
Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I profit from these characters.
Rating: PG
Author: Alex (
Type: 100 word Drabble
Note: For Babylon 5 Love month
Summary: Jason understands.


Jason’s Gift

Jason Ironheart had seen the ‘sleeper’ inside Talia’s mind, had known exactly what it was. But he’d made a choice. He left it alone. He chose instead to give her a gift, a small gift that let her know he still loved her without letting the other know he saw it.

When he became – what he became, none of those things mattered anymore and at the same time, he understood how much they did matter.

As a being of pure light, he knew how much a touch meant, a kind word to a single being. He hoped she remembered him.

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