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Drabble: Proof (Jurassic park)

Title: Proof
Fandom: Jurassic Park
Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I profit from these characters.
Rating: PG
Author: Alex (
Type: 100 word Drabble
Note: For the February Drabble Challenge
Summary: Alan Grant sees a dinosaur.



 photo Fegruary20172_1.jpg

“Let’s stop!” Ian Malcolm said to Alan from the passenger seat.

“Are you nuts? We have to get to a meeting. Besides, we’ve seen the real thing.” Something about Ian always made Alan grumpy.

“Look at them! They’re like gods all in white!”

Alan found himself stopping, looking at the giant dinosaurs. He had to admit they had a certain appeal, so big and bright. They got out and Ian handed his phone to a young woman who was looking at the Apatosaurus.

“Take our picture!”

She did and he smiled at Grant. “Now we can prove we’ve seen dinosaurs.”