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Drabble: The Madman on the Mountain (RPS)

Title: The Madman on the Mountain
Fandom: LOTRP
Disclaimer: I do not own nor do I profit from these characters.
Rating: PG
Author: Alex (
Type: 100 word Drabble
Note: For the July Drabble Challenge
Summary: Bungee Jumping!



“Are you nuts?” Sean’s eyes blazed with fear and anger, his accent heavy as it often was when he was upset. “I’m not gonna kill myself fer a bit of a thrill!”

Viggo shrugged and began to put on the harness, not saying a word.

“I didn’t come to Switzerland to splatter myself all over the mountains,” Sean continued.

Viggo began to put the other harness on Sean, who continued to complain loudly, but did nothing to stop him. When all was done, Viggo took Sean’s hand, grinned at him and said one word.


“Hell no!”

They jumped together.

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